71P Laundry Cart

Bulk Cart


Now fitting in is easy. The 71P bulk laundry cart fits large loads into narrow spaces and tight areas. Its dimensions are cleverly designed based on the dimensions of most hotel guest elevators and service elevators to maximize the amount of clean linens and/or soiled laundry that can be moved per elevator trip. Once on the floor, the sleek, narrow profile fits easily in the hallways and through doorways without blocking access for safety.

Ideal for hotels, resorts, cruise ships, nursing homes, hospitals, health clubs, restaurants and other institutions and the commercial laundries that serve these facilities.

  • Ergonomic, low cutaway design reduces bending and reaching
  • Dual hand holds on both sides at ergonomically placed positions for easy movement
  • 100%, rotationally molded polyethylene construction is waterproof, weatherproof, durable
  • Powder-coated, full-perimeter steel base as standard
  • Premium, industrial-strength, gray, rubber casters
  • Wide choice of 12 standard colors, custom colors are optional


Capacity: 41 cubic feet/33 bushels
Outside L x W: 40″ x 26-1/2″
Payload: 600 lbs.
Overall Height: 75½”


Shelf Cart

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