95PSL Laundry Cart

Shelf Cart


The MODRoto 95PSL bulk linen truck delivers mammoth payloads of up to 900 lbs. safely and smoothly on four levels for the ultimate in volume, organization and security.

An oversized model based on our stunning 90PSL, it combines the double protection of a solid rooftop and durable, lockable doors with the versatility of a roundtripper suitable for both clean linen delivery and for soiled laundry pick up and return. To protect precious linens, a built-in lock and key are included as standard.

When its solid, split rooftop is closed for storage and transport, clean goods are protected from the elements. When the rooftop is opened, the split top invites easy, ergonomic access to the clean or soiled goods. In fact, the rugged doors open a full 270 degrees and stay flush against the sides of the cart with Velcro door straps to keep hallways clear.

To switch from horizontal mode the vertical bulk bin, the three plastic shelves are easily slid into a vertical position by one person, transforming the delivery cart into a high volume bulk truck.

The MODRoto 95PSL is rotationally molded in a single unit of 100% polyethylene for strength, impact resistance and immunity to water, disinfectants and severe weather. With its all-poly construction and strategically placed drainage holes, the 95PSL does not rust and prevents water from pooling inside the cart.

With smooth looks and impressive visual appeal, it is ideal for use in hotels, resorts, health clubs, water parks, hospitals, and other facilities where high-value linens need protection and/or where the laundry carts may be seen by guests, patients or customers.

The durable, all plastic body is set on a powder-coated, full-perimeter steel base for strength and longevity. It rolls smoothly on industrial grade swiveling casters, two with brakes.

The new 95PSL features recessed safety handles on both sides for efficient, ergonomic pulling and rolling.

  • Capacity: 49 cubic feet
  • Outside L x W: 58″ x 30.50″
  • Depth: 63.75″
  • Overall Height: 72″


95PSL-107_0757   95PSL-107_0745   95PSL-107_0748   95PSL-107_0752


Shelf Cart

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