ACS® 1600 O3 – Air Cleaning System

Air Cleaning System

ACS® 1600 O3

ACS® Air Cleaning System with patented plasma technology and cupboards
A mobile cooking module with an integrated extraction and circulating air cleaning system as well as patented plasma technology. Robust welded construction made of 18/10 stainless steel, fully panelled, front panel in 2 parts (lower part can be removed for revision), with seal-welded niches for up to three varithek® cooking appliances (with or without a system rack).
The extraction system is designed specifically for extracting vapours, which are created during cooking or frying, on three sides. Germ guard attachment and 3-sided splash guard made of stainless steel (optional glass splash guard) are included.
The air is cleaned in two stages (vapour extraction on three sides): high-performance grease separators are installed in the left and right side walls, along with two removable grease collection trays on each side. The substructure contains the low-noise radial fans, the ozone generators for clearing smells and four activated carbon filters. The middle part of the substructure contains two cupboards (H3 hygiene standard) with 8 beadings each. The following cupboard versions are available: 1× hot / 1× cold, 2× neutral, 1× neutral / 1× hot, 1× neutral / 1× cold, 2× hot.

Compliance with standards and regulations:
ACS® meets the requirements of VDI 2052 (ventilation systems). TÜV-tested acc. to DIN EN 60335. All components comply with DIN, VDE, GS and TÜV guidelines as well as the German regulations governing health and safety in the kitchen. According to the German Food Hygiene Ordinance the appliance must be fitted with a germ guard when being used for display cooking.

– All filter, fan and collection components can be removed for cleaning without the need for tools.
– Seals can be removed for maintenance and cleaning.

Technical features:
– Patented plasma technology
– High-performance grease separators (100% flame-proof) with Zyklon® lamellar profile (fractional efficiency of approx. 95%)
– Activated carbon filter
– Operating screen, ON/OFF switch and six moisture-protected sockets (2× 400 V and 4× 230 V as standard), each with a folding lid, for connecting the cooking appliances
– Low-noise radial fan
– Removable splash guard (enclosed on three sides)
– 2× swivel castors with parking brake and 2× trestle rollers, height 125 mm
– 400 V connection cable, 32 Amps CEE plug, approx. 2 m long

Specifications: acs® 1600 O3

Niche (L × W × H) 1200 × 660 × 250 mm
Material stainless steel 18/10, WN 1.4301
Weight approx. 195 kg
External dimensions (L × W × H) approx. 1745 × 850 × 1225 mm
Model acs® 1600 O3 W/K (hot/cold) Order No. 91 14 01 41
Model acs® 1600 O3 N/N (neutral/neutral) Order No. 91 14 01 43
Model acs® 1600 O3 N/W (neutral/hot) Order No. 91 14 01 44
Model acs® 1600 O3 N/K (neutral/cold) Order No. 91 14 01 45
Model acs® 1600 O3 W/W (hot/hot) Order No. 91 14 01 42
Model acs® 1600 O3 K/K (cold/cold) Order No. 91 14 01 80
Heating power, heated cupboard +30 °C to +110 °C
Refrigeration power, refrigerated cupboard +2 °C to +10 °C
Power consumption 22 kW maximum
Power supply 3N AC 400 V 50/60 Hz
IP protection IP X4


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