Vertical and Planetary Rotisseries


All the appeal and aroma of spit roasted cooking

With Asador rotisseries creativity in the kitchen is on display, a feast for the eyes and the palate. This vast range of rotisseries combines a crispy tasty spitroasting with a mouth-watering visual presentation.
Asador rotisseries are available in vertical electrical and gas models (from 5 to 40 chickens) and planetary gas models (from 20 to 40 chickens). Each model comes complete with spits and is supplied with a front door aperture. This recuces the space necessary in the working area to take out the spits. When cooking is done, you can show off your products and keep them hot in the cabinet provided with tempered glass doors.


Vertical and planetary rotisseries

The wide range of Asador rotisseries combines crispy and tasty results with a display that wets the appetite.

5 good reason for making Asador your own rotisserie

  1. Wide range of models
  2. Reliability
  3. High visibility means it’s easy to check on product whilst cooking
  4. Simple to clean and maintain
  5. Ample catalogue ofaccessories


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