Electric and Gas Oven


Not just pizza. Electric or gas oven? You decide.

Both a gas and an electric version is available. The Citizen oven is above all suitable for baking pizza but that’s not all. Depending on your specialisation, you can cook round pizzas, on the paddle or in the pan but also all the specialities of good take away food. The simplest version is electrometrical. Citizen PWreaches its full potential with the digital version. Apart from controlling the temperature and the independent control of the top and the bottom of the oven, you can program it to turn on the cooking chamber on any day of the week and decide which cooking cycle to activate from the 9 available. With an eye to economy and safeguarding the environment, the oven has a energy saving regime“Economy”, which halves the instantaneous consumption when the cooking cycle allows for it. Special versions of Citizen are also available, built especially for the Neapolitan pizza that requires temperatures up to 450 °C.
From today you can choose the version that is best suited to the dimensions of your workspace (Front or Long) and decide whether to completely line the inside of the oven with refractory material.


Electric and gas oven for Pizzarias and take away

The result of continuous in depth research, the Citizen PW has been made according to the latest criteria in design and construction to guarantee a perfectly baked pizza.

5 good reason for making the Citizen PW your gas or electric oven

  1. Simplicity of use
  2. Modularity, allowing you to adapt the oven to your needs
  3. Cooking chamber entirely lined in refractory material amongst optional extras
  4. Digital control panel with special programmable circuit board
  5. Possibility to make yourspecial version to order


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