Two Cylinder Grinding Mills

Grinding Mills

Solid as the granite it’s made from

The two cylinder Cronos grinding mill is tool for pastry making designed and produced to last. It’s as solid and hefty as the two granite rollers that make up its basic working parts, guaranteeing a high quality yield. The rollers are adjustable to set the gauge of the milled product, working on nuts like almonds or walnuts but also on chocolate and sugar. Cleaning operations are made easier by having an extractable basin for collecting the finished product.


Two cylinder grinding mills

Thanks to its two granite rollers, Cronos is the ideal machine for pastry making for the work of refining sugar, amalgamating different mixtures and grinding almonds as well as other types of nut and chocolate. 

5 good reasons to make Cronos your machine for pastry making

  1. Designed to last
  2. Reliable
  3. Simple mechanics
  4. Possible to work different types of raw materials 
  5. Wheel mounted to facilitatemanoeuvring


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