Fork Kneading Machines

Kneading Machine

For even, fluffy dough choose Demetra

Amongst the machines available for pizzerias and bakers, fork kneading machines are perfect for amalgamating dough without heating it, even when its stiff, giving a consistently high quality product Demetra’s top protection grid allows the dough to be checked and for the ingredients to be introduced even whilst the machine is working. For really hard stiff dough the even tougher Demetra Bread is available


Fork kneading machines

Recommended above all for pizzerias, pastry shops and bakeries, Demetra evenly amalgamates large as well as small quantities of dough whatever the consistency.

5 good reasons for making Demetra your kneading machine

  1. Preparation of fluffy  evendough
  2. Also suitable for stiffer dough
  3. Reliability and reduced noise
  4. Does not heat up the dough
  5. Functional and versatile


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