Divider and Rounder for Pizzas

Divider and Rounder

You’ll be sure of serving portions with the same weight

Ercolina plus imitates the manual skill of an expert in separating the dough into perfectly round balls of equal size. All stages of this work are controlled with levers. In the semi-automatic version the stages of pressing and cutting are automated, while forming the dough into a ball shape is started with a lever.
The machine divides the dough into perfectly equal portions. In the semi-automatic version the stages of pressing and of cutting are controlled with a joystick mounted on the control panel. With the automatic version, which memorises up to 10 programs, you can regulate the pressing and dividing time using the control panel.


Divider and rounder for pizza and bread

Speed, accuracy and great results are assured with Ercolina, the machine made for kitchens producing a large quantity of dough.

5 good reason for making Ercolina your dough divider

  1. Precision
  2. Speed
  3. Large production capacity
  4. Ideal for freshly made dough
  5. Maximisation of working time


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