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Our engineering marvel, the 72S® bulk laundry cart upgrades the classic 72P® workhorse with superior strength, durability and security. This modern bulk truck starts with the sought after, ergonomic shape and versatility of the original design and adds an optional, all-new, lockable, rotationally molded roof and front cover. They close tightly to deter casual theft. It’s also virtually leak-proof so it may be left outside with confidence that the linens or other goods inside are safe and protected from the elements.

72S is engineered with a metal-free interior and a proprietary, internal rib design that delivers extra load bearing strength yet at a consistent tare weight that helps conserve fuel during transport. Hauling payloads to 1,000 lbs. on the classic, 72P footprint, our 72S laundry truck stands on our durable, powder-coated, steel support base as standard. This sleek linen cart is also available with our optional poly-steel cart base that encases smooth, polyethylene plastic around sturdy metal to hold heavy loads and safeguard walls and workers from splintered wood or exposed metal bases.

This laundry cart is ideal for commercial laundries and delivery companies serving hotels, resorts, nursing homes, hospitals, health clubs, restaurants and other institutions.

  • Ergonomic cutaway design speeds loading and unloading
  • Optional, lockable, durable roof and door to secure goods during transport, storage
  • Rugged polyethylene construction resists bumps, scratches and scrapes
  • UV-resistant, waterproof body thrives in punishing indoor/outdoor conditions
  • Full-perimeter, powder-coated steel base included as standard
  • Industrial grade casters included as standard
  • Optional brakes, hand holds, poly-steel base
  • Wide choice of 12 standard colors, custom colors are optional

72S Laundry Cart Helps Maricopa Medical Center Present Clean Healthcare Facility

“We’re actually the talk of the hospital now,” says Randy Bernstein. “We got the purple 72S carts and converted all our cart covers to purple canvas. Now when the elevator door opens and people see us with the cart, they don’t know what’s inside the cart. They only see that it’s clean and nice-looking. That reflects well on the entire facility.” Bernstein had realized that rolling dirty laundry in front of guests in open carts three or four times a day, every day, not only looks bad but it also makes people question the cleanliness of the entire facility. Read the entire article here:


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Capacity: 48 cubic feet/38 bushels
Outside L x W: 48″ x 28½”
Depth: 59″
Overall Height: 66½”


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