Roll-in Blast Freezers WMBF200

(for 200kg food)

Roll-In (Blast Freezer)

Roll-in Blast Freezer, 1 full S/S Door, 200kg food freezing capacity
• 304 grade stainless steel exterior and interior
• 304 stainless steel back
• 90Hmm insulated floor (with heater) standard for blast freezer
• Clear LED display for the time and food probe temperature
• Fitted with food probe
• Fitted with build-in thermal printer
• Blast Freezer blast freeze from +90 °C to –20 °C in 240 minutes
• Accommodate 2/1 GN trolley size
• Delivered in dismantled parts with wooden crate packing as standard
• 380V/ 50HZ/ 3PH


Options available:

  • LED light
  • Roll through with S/S door
  • Ramp for 90Hmm insulated floor
  • Latch door lock
  • Comply combi trolley size
  • Left Hand Side door hinge
  • Storage POD system
  • 380V/ 60HZ/ 3PH


Technical Information

  • Width: 1470 mm
  • Depth: 2350 mm
  • Height: 2385 mm
  • Capacity: 200 kg in 2 x 2/1 GN trolley
  • Width (Combi Trolley sized): 1670 mm


Shelf Cart

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