Planetary Mixers


Mix imagination with precision

Selene planetary mixers are just right for making delicious smooth creams because they are absolutely indispensible in the working pastry kitchen. Available in a two or three speed versions or with variable speed allowing a specific speed to be set, all models have a central control panel and thanks to a timer you can program the working cycle. Amongst the accessories provided are a stainless steel basin, a fine wire whisk and a spatula. Models 10 and 80 include a spiral while the others a hook.


Planetary mixers

Designed to amalgamate products for sweet pastries, Selene planetary mixers also meet the specifications for the cosmetics and chemical industries.

5 good reasons for making Selene your planetary mixer

  1. Perfect stability
  2. Maximum noise reduction
  3. Available with motors havingdifferent speed
  4. Control panel with timer
  5. Full range of accessories


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